My Tribute to the 159th TFG
Louisiana Air National Guard

Coonass Militia
Between 1979-1987 I had the priviledge to work as a volunteer on several projects with the Louisiana Air National Guard's Coonass Militia.  During that era, they transitioned from the F-100 Super Saber into the F-4C Phantom II.  At the close of my volunteer service, the 159th transitioned into the F-15 Eagle.

The men and women of the 159th. were outstanding. They provided me with some of the best moments of my life.  To borrow from the words of the late Bob Hope, I salute you and say:
Thanks for the memories!
Photography by:
John Lambert
LA ANG F-4C Phantom II flying with Confederate Air Force's Boeing B-29 Superfortress "FIFI".
Shot by John Lambert, air-to-air, from another F-4C in 1980
In 1980, two weeks prior to the NAS New Orleans Airshow, members of the 20th Air Force, 40th Bomb Group, held a reunion in New Orleans, LA.  The CAF's B-29 "Fifi" was flown to New Orleans for the reunion and the NASNO Airshow.  A special mission to show appreciation to the veterans was launched, supported by the LAANG's 159th TFG.  Two F4-C's launched out of New Orleans along with a T-33 to escort the last remaining flyable B-29 to NAS New Orleans.  When the aerial armada reached New Orleans, the flight was joined by a "little friend" - a P-51 Mustang.  The flight formed, with an F-4C on each wing of the
B-29, and the P-51 flying top cover.  They made a pass for the veterans who were on the apron by NAS NO air operations. 
More photos will be posted from this event.
159th TFG F-4C Phantom II and CAF's B-29
This page is under construction. When it is complete, I will display many of the photos that I shot
while volunteering with the Coonass Militia. 
Yes, I shot all of them.
A-7 Corsair II's from VA-204 - flying with Merle Gustafson's F4U Corsair, Angel of Okinawa, over the Louisiana Superdome in 1980.
B-24 (LB-30) of the Confederate Air Force, flying a Ploesti Raid tribute.  Early 1980's photo.
(left to right) FM-2 Wildcat, F-4C Phantom II of the Louisiana Air National Guard's 159th TFG (the famous Coonass Militia), and the CAF Gulf Coast Wing's B-17 Texas Raiders. This 1982 photo was shot as this formation approached NAS New Orleans. After this photo, the formation tightened; the F4 from which this photo was shot formed-up with the B-17 and the multi-ship group made a pass over the airfield. Photo by John Lambert, from the back seat of an F-4C Phantom II.
F-105  Wild Weasel, shot at Gulfport in the early 1980's
A-10, 926th TFG - Shot at the range, Camp Shelby, MS
Notice that it is firing its gun!