Have opinions changed since the BP Oil Spill?

Will imported shrimp replace locally caught shrimp on the dinner table?

consumers still loyal to gulf coast shrimp in the aftermath of the oil spill, OR do they want to consume more imported shrimp?
Surveys launch: Monday,  May 27, 2013
Survey deadline: Sunday, June 16, 6 p.m.

IB 300 - Each student must have 20 completed surveys

NOTE: TRY TO GET PEOPLE FROM ALL MAIN AGE BRACKETS - such as under 30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70.  Try to get three or so from each bracket so that the data is not clustered or weighted heavily in one age group.

There are TWO ways that you can accomplish this goal.  The FIRST way (easiest way) is to forward this link to the people whom you want to survey:

Be absolutely certain that the folks whom you ask to take the survey actually do so. How can you tell??
Question 16 of the survey is where your personal student ID ("W" number" should appear.
You would ask everyone whom you ask to complete the survey to enter YOUR student ID in the space

You will need to carefully moniter this, making sure that all of the people whom you want to survey actually take the time to not only answer the questions, but also enter your W number so that you can get credit.

The SECOND way is to print out 20 paper surveys, go around and get people to respond to the survey, and then you enter the data for each and every survey. Do not allow anyone to complete the survey twice.  All participants surveyed must be  at least  18 years or older. 

You can download a .pdf of the survey form by
clicking here.

You would then enter the data from each survey by copying and pasting  this address in your browser bar:

You can check your progress and the number of surveys that you have entered, with this web address. Cipy and paste this into your browser's address bar.
NOTE - you will receive the password via email.
You can then use the filter tool to search for all responses that tie to your student ID!

NOTE: The data entry form looks just like the paper form, except at the very end there is a place for the respondent to enter how they found the survey.

Click the appropriate places entering the data from your survey forms.  You will need to do this for each of your 20 surveys.  At the very end, click OTHER and put your student ID number in the space.
You must do this for each survey that you enter, so that you will get credit for entering the data.